Re: FTdx-101MP Impressions

Lou W7HV

Yep. I'm essentially CW only and I've accumulated a list with 28 entries.

3. AGC.  I find it works better the narrower the WIDTH.  Of course you may not want a narrower WIDTH.

4. Agree. In addition to FUNC/OPERATION SETTINGS/TUNING, DIAL STEP equal 5Hz  you can set  MAIN STEPS and MPVD STEPS per rev to 250.  That provides the slowest tuning rate.

5. Yes. When you change bands, the MODE (incl side band) goes to what was in the BAND STACK memory for that band. There are three BAND STACK MEMORies per band (for both MAIN and SUB), and each of the three can have different modes.  They remember what they last were.

I suggest checking that you're on the 202105 software rev and set CW WAVE SHAPE to 8msec.  In the recent FW releases, Yaesu did make changes in response to customer input, but only a small fraction of those requested. 

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