FTdx-101MP Impressions

Scott Ellington

I've only had the radio a week or so, but I'm disappointed in it in may respects. Now, I'm a CW contester, and I'm fussy, so many others will probably not mind what I see as shortcomings. On the other hand, a lot of these issues would concern any serious CW contester. There's no question that the basic performance of the radio, like receiver dynamic range and transmitter IMD, is excellent.

Here's my list:

1. Very loud relays in QSK with separate rx antenna (much quieter with common tx/rx antenna)
2. Lack of per band power setting memory
3. AGC allows too much audio variation, no setting (this is strictly a personal preference)
4. Clarifier with ring control far too sensitive, even with 5 Hz steps
5. Sideband changes when changing bands (?)
6. Panadapter lacks averaging mode option
7. Fan cycles rapidly in rx mode (better to run continuously at low speed)
8. No electret microphone bias setting (wiring required)
9. Roofing filters do not automatically switch when bandwidth is changed

10. Output power still overshoots about 25 percent at 30 W (latest firmware)

All of these, except the microphone bias, could be fixed in firmware. And the microphone bias is no big deal, as a resistor and capacitor on the mike connector takes care of it. Some of the others, like the clacking relays, I can probably fix temporarily with minor hardware modifications.

It would be nice if Yaesu DID listen to it's customers, or even paid attention to what one of its competitors has done.

Scott K9MA

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