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Hi All,

Outside the unmanaged noise floor on 101... What about the dynamics of the spectrum on the sreen 101 or futur panad .. ?
Will it be limited as on the screens of the D and MP at 50dB about ...?
An adjustable display with sufficient dynamics, that of 101 would be a real plus. But ...

73s Sylvain

Le vendredi 25 juin 2021 à 21:00:52 UTC+2, BILL KENNAMER <k5fuv@...> a écrit :

There are some of us who don't like averaging.


On Friday, June 25, 2021, 12:56:14 PM CDT, Gary Schwartz <garysch69@...> wrote:

My bad, you are correct.


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There are user defined AGC settings on my 101D.

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A search through this, the FTdx10 and other forums would show this and similar wish-list topics have been discussed at length.  I observe that the 991, 101d/mp, and dx10 come from the same "mold".  Aside from clearing up glaring faults, I have seen no evidence that Yaesu listens to its' customer base.  It is also true that what one likes, another dislikes.  On the other hand, the Icom philosophy allows the user to set his/her own defaults.  Take averaging for example.  Icom lets you set the amount you want from zero on up.  Similarly it has mode memory, not band memory and user defined AGC settings.  The Yaesu mindset does not allow for this type of personalization.  Based on what we have seen, I would doubt they are going to change.  


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I'm new to this radio, so I may be missing some settings, but I notice a couple shortcomings of the panadapter:

There seems to be no provision for averaging, making it hard to distinguish weak signals from noise.

In the cursor mode, when you reach the end of the span, it just scrolls until you tune back in the other direction. It would be much more useful if it simply jumped to the next segment, preferably with some overlap. In the fixed mode, it won't scroll at all. 

As an aside, I think the apparently varying frequency in the fixed or cursor mode is an artifact of the way those modes are implement. (The Elecraft P3 does the same thing.) I suspect the display is inherently always in the Center mode, so for Fixed or Cursor modes the display has to be adjusted while tuning, and it takes a while for the gerbils inside to do the math.

Scott K9MA

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