Re: FTDX101MP no power when transmitting


I’ve had a similar problem with my MP a couple of times but so far I haven’t pinned down the exact cause.
The symptoms here are very low power and no ALC. 

 However each time it’s happened normal operation has been restored by setting the main and sub to the same band and toggling the TX priority. 
I suspect it is something related to the RX only facility when 70/GEN has been in use but can’t prove it by introducing the problem deliberately. 

When it first happened I went through all the logical fault finding steps and resisted the temptation to change any background settings/levels because it’s very easy to mask the original problem. After half an hour I was beginning to fear the worst but then I thought to myself “what would a 7 year old do?” They seem to have the knack of combining key strokes which produce weird results on phones and PC’s. That was when I started on the various band and VFO combinations because I knew I could restore everything quite easily. 

I now realise that my 50year career in radio comms and broadcast radio and tv transmission have been reduced to power resets and random button pressing. 

John G4IJD 

On 21 Jun 2021, at 07:33, W6SA <W6SA@...> wrote:

I have not had the rig on SSB yet.  I am exclusively on FT8 at this time.  A suggestion as to what you have your MIC set to would give me a starting point.  I have set the option to remember the TX Power setting in WSJT-X and will be doing so for each band tomorrow.  Your suggestion on the RPORT Gain makes a big difference in the TX Power setting ability.

I have been on 20 FT8 this evening and have not seen you there.  Will be around for another half hour or so.


73 de Walt, W6SA
On 6/21/2021 06:18, Adrian Fewster wrote:
Use the same level for mic gain on data-u that works for you on ssb, so you don't need to keep adjusting it between modes.
Once wsjtx TX pwr is set per band at alc meter you should be good. wsjtx will remember the settings if you check the option box for it in wsjtx settings.



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