FTDX101MP no power when transmitting


 FTDX101MP 3 weeks old suddenly no power output on any mode or frequency.

I was trying to make a 20 meter contact. The antennas was tuned using the Palstar AT-1K. I was looking at the meter on the Palstar while transmitting and noticed only about 20 watts out on SSB. The receiving ham kept saying repeat you callsign please? I checked my settings: RF out set at 150 watts, mic volume at 50, etc. I tried again transmitting, (SWR was low) and the radio shut itself off!!

I don't remember if the radio turned itself back on or I turned it on but now I have no power out on any band or mode. The PO meter on the rig indicates zero. My external meter indicates zero. The red "TX" light comes on and I show indications of audio in the filter display area as well as in the waterfall display area. If I turn on the monitor I hear my voice thru the speaker while transmitting. The "VDD" meter indicates 50 V while transmitting. The "ID meter only indicates around 1 amp current draw while transmitting. I doesn't matter where I set the RF power setting on the radio. I cannot get the ALC to properly adjust but I think that's because I have no power output. I doesn't matter if I press the PTT button on the microphone, press the "MOX" button or try the "TUNE" button. All the same, no power out.

Everything else on the radio seems to work just fine. The fan on the back does its usual "on off" cycle.

I have done a "ALL RESET" twice. I downloaded and updated the firmware. The revision levels went higher when I updated the firmware. Still no power output on any mode or frequency.

I will call Yaesu on Monday but for right now anybody have any ideas?

I'm just sick about this........3 week old $4000 radio and no power out!!!!

Stressed out Tom - N1UXA
Surfside Beach, SC

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