Re: cw sending

Morgan Bailey

I love AC log. What a great program. Simple and it works. 

You can use the N1MM software to log DX and import that as an ADIF file into ACLog and upload to LOTW. Or you can just click the bandmap in AC Log and let it do it for you. You just have to set up the telnet to a DXCluster to show up in ACLog. Either way, it sounds like you have it handled. 

By now, I am sure you are finding that the RX in the 101 blows away the RX in the 6600M. There is quite a remarkable difference. But, Keep the 6600M for RTTY SO2R work. There is not a better rig out there for RTTY than the 6600M. Easy to set up and interface for MTTY and Clean on the desktop with no cables and such. 

73, Morgan NJ8M
BS + MS + $2.98 = COFFEE
Real Life Experience = Priceless, says the man who set his back yard on fire with a breadboard tuner loading a 160 meter inverted L with 1000 watts. LOL

On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 11:53 AM Don Blachura via <> wrote:
i have it setup that way in Aclog with my flex. Will do that with the ft 101d. 
Thanks, I for I had it that way (senior moment). Have aclog setup now to change
bands using dx- cluster on the ft101d


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