Re: cw sending

Morgan Bailey

Don I can explain a bunch to you during a zoom meeting on a 1 on 1 zoom call. If you want a fast jumpstart to get up and running an not miss out on the best features, let me know. I would be glad to help any way that I can. You will be amazed what the 101 can do that the 6600 is not able to do. But, hands down, most likely the 6600 is easier to run a rtty contest with SO2R. Every rig has its strength. The 101 is the RX, hands down.

73, Morgan NJ8M
cell: 785-554-5561

BS + MS + $2.98 = COFFEE
Real Life Experience = Priceless, says the man who set his back yard on fire with a breadboard tuner loading a 160 meter inverted L with 1000 watts. LOL

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 5:59 AM Don Blachura via <> wrote:
Tu very much Morgan,
Just got the rig yesterday, did the upgrade and learning the radio now. have to get used to
the rig, I have been using a Flex6600/m and a little different.
Thank you again and best 73

Don ...w2xb

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