Re: Key Clicks?

Barry D. Jacobson

I am leaving mine on 4 ms for now. I like crisp, sharp Morse Code, not blurred out. Have heard all kinds of weird sounds over the years. But if I am told it has key clicks or splattering, would consider changing the rise time.

In my opinion, you'd be better off sharing a frequency domain plot of the waveform at different rise times so we can compare how wide the spectrum is, if you can do it. May need to send series of dots and trigger on repetition rate.

Wondering also what type of coupler or attenuator you use to get transceiver output into your scope.


Barry WA2VIU

Barry Jacobson

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021, 4:05 PM Lou W7HV via <> wrote:
Rob Sherwood has tested the bandwidth of the FTDX101MP at 8msec rise time and said it was the best he's seen.  That's for firmware 202104 and later.  In that and subsequent revs, the risetime was increased to more accurately reflect the setting number.  The actual risetime is still a bit faster than the number you set.  I've listened to it on another rig and can't tell the diff between 6 and 8 msec at 40+wpm so leave it at 8.  Here's a pic of the keying waveform at 60wpm and 8 msec.

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