Key Clicks?

Lahra Flip Svare KT9X

In another forum, they were talking about changing the "rise time" to 6ms (from any faster setting) to prevent key clicks.  They also said many times the "key clicks" that receiving operators complain about are actually caused by their own misuse of the Noise Blanker.  So I've been checking into "rise time".  I don't think I fully understand it yet and how it relates to the possible perceived "key clicks". But the only setting I see on the FTDX101D that might relate is the "CW WAVE SHAPE".  Mine is currently set to 8ms, but it seems that 6ms is the default.  I believe one of our FTDX101 Group Zoom meetings mentioned to change that to 8ms, and that is probably why mine is not set to the default 6ms.  However I also see the option for 4ms.  Perhaps that faster setting might lead to key clicks??  I am thoroughly confused as to what may or may not cause the key clicks, but I'm leaving my "cw wave shape" set to 8ms, pending any replies from this prestigious group that my sway me toward another setting.  Or maybe the whole "rise time" issue isn't addressed by the wave shape at all, if that's the case, someone please set me straight.  I'm still learning this radio.

73, Flip

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