Re: cw sending

Morgan Bailey

That is the norm. You should see your keyed signal on the panadapter screen. With the last patch the water fall stayed when you quit keying. If you have not upgraded the firmware you will not see the waterfall return, and will have to wait for it to repaint. The last patch really did great things for the DNR. It fixed some 232 problems and kept the waterfall from totally going and having to wait for a rescan of the frequency.

I am sure you will find the 101 one heck of a great RX once you master the usage of all the options for noise reduction and peaking the signal with brick wall filtering that does not allow AGC pumping.

73, Morgan NJ8M
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On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 5:01 AM Don Blachura via <> wrote:
When sending cw, the panadapter screen goes blank when I key. The meters and other 
info is still showing. is there a setting or is that the norm? 


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