Re: Main SDR update failure #update


I did mine an hour ago and everything did write. I did the reset that the update says and all ok

On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 7:33 PM Paul - W1PR <w1pr@...> wrote:
OK, I started from scratch. Cut to the chase: no difference. Still fails.

Details: (Re)-formatted SD card in radio.
On computer (Win 10) (re)downloaded FW Update 5/14/21; extracted with 7-Zip.
Copied extracted files to SD card in its main directory.
Turned radio off using power switch. Removed 12v DC. Inserted SD card. Turned radio on. Func key->Extension setting->SD card->Firmware update. Displayed files on SD card ONLY MAIN SDR V02.06 IS CHECKED.   ->Update->OK. Progress indicator lights up on MAIN SDR line but barely moves before UPDATE ERROR SYSTEM WILL REBOOT/OK box displays. As before, no response to touch screen or mouse or any front panel control including power button. Radio does NOT reboot.
Kill DC; power on; back where we started.
So I'm pretty sure I have followed everything to the letter.

I'm starting to regret having sold my FT-950. HELP!

73 de Paul - W1PR

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