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Hello Friends,

With the various blogs, we have been running for several weeks at more than 200 msgs / day just on this UPdate FW which was twice missed ... but still not correctly updated ....
"You could call it a jerk trap." which must be the concideration of the customer at this manufacturer...

They are really lamentable these "scribbler lines of FW" of disasters from Yaesu ...

When are they going to finish a job properly ?

Maybe it will be time to think about boycotting this Co if the problems are not resolved quickly.

Yaesu thanks for quick and corrective final action.

Good hearer hi

73s Sylvain

Le mercredi 28 avril 2021 à 23:03:00 UTC+2, Giorgio IK1BXN <ik1bxn@...> a écrit :


“….yes they all made sure the Baud rate, RTS etc. etc. etc….” 
YES everything here on my MP (and on a D of a friend of mine) was tried and checked but nothing to do, microHAM (in my case the DXP) rs232 connected doesn't work anymore.

It’s a know issue in fact Joe Subich from microHAM Usa published an advice (several days ago) inviting 101 & microHAM interfaces owners to avoid new FW installation.

In addition regarding the rs232 I’m afraid RTS and CTS lines playing with will not help in any way because inside the rig RTS is shorted with CTS  (page nr 96 of the Technical supplement. Board named AF-1 left bottom corner). 
FYI in the ftdx5000 those lines were managed.

I rolled back to 2020 FW and I’ll stay waiting for the new release to come, but I cannot say I’m happy

73 Giorgio

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