Re: Yaesu XF-128SN SSB filter

Lou W7HV

You can get good idea of what it will sound like by selecting the 3kHz filter and turning the WIDTH control to 1200 Hz.   That sets the width if the IF DSP filter at 1200 which has steeper skirts that the roofing filter so determines the width that you hear.  What the 1.2 kHz roofing filter will do is increase ultimate rejection of very big adjacent signals that would intrude between the skirts of the 3kHz filter and the 1.2kHz IF DSP filter.   On these rigs, when you select a roofing filter, the IF DSP filter is by default set to the same width.  For example, select the 3kHz filter, listen for a bit, then turn the WIDTH knob to 4kHz. You'll hear the bandwidth open up somewhat due the less steep skirts of the roofing filter.

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