Re: FW 202104A & PROC ON / OFF ?!?

Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H

I've seen that behaviour with the previous Fw too.
It was always like that. Not a new thing.

73, Maximo

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Enviado: domingo, 25 de abril de 2021 22:02
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Asunto: [FTDX101D] FW 202104A & PROC ON / OFF ?!?
FW 202104A PROC ON / OFF?!?
I did this test, easy to replicate:
1. Smeter1> COMP
The COMP volume on the Smeter hardly ever changes, it is always high.
Even going to zero I always have a high compression factor ...
Even if PROC OFF the COMP goes to full scale!

I also tried without AMC by adjusting MIC GAIN etc ... having the controls easy to adjust via CAT.

I don't think he did this in the first FW ...
there is something wrong with it, either the PROC / COMP or the COMP smeter.

But I don't want to reload the old fw because I just did it today to verify that in 202104A the DB9/RS232c of the FTDX101 DOESN'T WORK CORRECTLY anymore but only checked for "simple sniffing" of the FA for PA, ATU or Dinamica ANTENNA

Do you also notice this anomalous Smeter/comp reading on this latest FW?


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