Re: New firmware is out on Yaesu site


Well Justin
I feel the same way as Jon
And I think there are a lot more


Op 8-4-2021 om 17:04 schreef Justin:
Poor NØIGU, he obviously has a narc personalty, he thinks its all about him, he actually is so full of his own self importance to think we all find bugs and issues just to make him feel bad, what an utterly pathetic looser

Jon Ermels

I feel the same way as you Jan. I've had at least 25 new rigs in the last 37 years and they all had things I'd have liked different. As a matter of fact I can't think of anything I have bought ever that was perfect.  Some people spend more time picking at their rigs thinking they will look so much smarter than the rest of us.
73 de NØIGU Jon

my dxspider clusters running on a raspberry pi:  
pa4jj-2 port 7300
pa4jj-3 port 7388

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