You know I have read comments about this subject about Yaesu since I bought an FT2000 back in early 2006.  As I recall, that was the first field updatable (did I coin a phrase?) radio Yaesu made. There were issues related to 60M that were of great concern in the FT2K. I got some help from Yaesu in the way of a firmware update. It was sent to ME. When I mentioned that on the FT2000 reflector, my email box was FILLED with requests, demands, questions, and concerns.  When I could not answer them, a much more qualified team of users went to Yaesu and were granted the privilege of being BETA TESTERS for these updates. The FT9K users had their share of ills and thrills. Yaesu recognized some really major issues and actually PAID THE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS AND DID THE PEP UPDATES for no charge. As that radio weighs as much as a Volkswagen you can bet that cost something.  Most recently with our beloved FTDx101MPs they have done much the same for those with issues related to auto-tuner problems and such. I frankly don’t know of another company that has done this.

I think I recall reading in ON4UN’s original “Low Band DXing” book that he thought that about 60% of the DXers he knew were Yaesu users. That says a lot. My first radio was an old FT-101B, then an FT-101ZD, then an FT-102 with all the nice little matching components. I strayed and  bought a Kenwood TS-940 because it had transistor finals so no more dip this and plate tune that with tubes. But I soon bought the FT-1000 which was a great radio and my main rig for some years. The point is, that when you have the best (which if you are a member of this group you do) then you might realize that those with a lot of experience in this hobby and with this brand are overall pretty satisfied. If you cannot be (and this is not meant to be a cheap shot or a kick in the head) then there are other options. I have read on this very reflector that “there is no perfect radio’ and that is right. Mine has a little dust on the top right now (LOL). Patience is a virtue. (I know that’s dull…) But I would rather have what I have than the Icom 7610 a friend has or the Kenwood 890 another has. I also own a FLEX 6700…great rig. NONE are perfect. I hope you can enjoy your rig David.  At some point I believe or hope some of the issues that others have (and perhaps you) have complained about will be addressed. Meantime…GUD dx to you.   ’73, Mike K4CVL


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I am rather disturbed by how little concern yaesu have shown for existing owners on this. The time it takes for new firmware to be installed on radios comming out of production and making it all the way to new customers hands. 


Vs the time it takes to load a file onto a Web site.. makes it hard to feel yaesu has any thoughts about existing owners at all. 


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Woah.  This looks promising.  It's not yet on the Yeasu website for download.  What did they add, what did they fix, what did they break...?

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