Re: CW PTT not working with N1MM

Tyler Stewart

Yeah I’ve done all that. I’ve tried PTT from RTS on both serial ports with no luck.  Maybe it’s an N1mm problem?  Guess I’ll change to an external PTT interface.

73, Ty K3MM 

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On Thursday, March 4, 2021, 5:43 PM, Barry D. Jacobson <bdj@...> wrote:

Hi, you need to download the Yaesu port drivers. There are two, one called Enhanced for radio control and the other called Standard for CW keying and PTT. The keying uses two lines, RTS and DTR. Need to configure in the radio menu which one you want for which.

Need to go to Device Manager on PC and look under Ports for the number of each one.

Then go to N1MM+ and in Config menu select the Enhanced port and choose the FTDX101D and set all the settings to the suggested values that show in bottom of window, 38400 etc.

Then in the Standard port click CW and set PTT to DTR or RTS, whatever you did in your radio. And use the other for keying.

I had no trouble in recent contest.

Good luck.


Barry Jacobson

On Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 5:21 PM Tyler Stewart via <> wrote:
I’ve been unsuccessful trying to get CW PTT on the USB interface.  Does anyone have this working?

Ty K3MM 

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