Re: Auto Antenna Tuner - MP


I probably explained it wrong too.
If your SteppIr antenna is tuned to send a 1: 1 image, your 101 Tuner will tune for the first time to make the correct adjustment, but if there is 1: 1, it means that your antenna impedance is correct.
So it will go into Bypass mode while being activated, as long as you do not start again a forced tuning of the tuner.
Because in his memory, it is recorded that the last time the agreement was OK.
Except if you distort the system while being with your SteppIr out of tune, the tuner will not know it, without again restarting the measurement and forced adjustment.
I want to understand that the 101 is not perfect, like other RIGs, but you should not look for the defect where there is none.

And I confirm, max tuner possibility is 3:1, you can read this in your user manual...

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