Re: Auto Antenna Tuner - MP


This information regarding the 2:1 SWR minimum to trigger the antenna tuner is helpful - thanks.
Perhaps I was not clear in the description of my experiment to see if the tuner was working or not.
I will try again.
On 12 meters, I tuned up both the SteppIR and the MP and had 1.1:1  SWR.
I then did the same on 30 meters, again achieving 1.1:1 SWR on 30 meters.
I chose 12 and 30 meters hoping that harmonically they would be different enough to see a difference when I switched between them.
I went back to 12 meters, but this time leaving both the SteppIR and the MP tuned to 30 meters, and with both the MP tuner and the autotrack off.  For those unfamiliar with the SteppIR, autotrack automatically readjusts the SteppIR as one changes frequency - one can turn it on or off.
Into this purposely mistuned system, the SWR was high, as expected.
I then turned the antenna tuner on in the MP expecting the wheels to turn to try to make a match on 12 meters.
Nothing heard from the MP and the SWR remained high.
Was it because the SWR was over 5 that the MP did not even try to make a match, or do I have a problem?

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