Re: FTDX101MP overshoot

Fernando EC1CT

NO...Got one connected to Acom 2000A amplier and no problems with overshoot so far.
EC1CT Fernando

From: Roberto
Sent: Monday, March 1, 2021 2:28 PM
Subject: Re: [FTDX101D] FTDX101MP overshoot
Dear Gents,
The question is very simple ...
Does the MP version have any ALC Overshoot question Yes or NO.
Please do not refer to the document what Yaesu released on the D version. The question is if the MP version also had or still have this ALC overshoot problem ?
That's all
Ofcourse persinal expeeiences of MP users are more then welcome following this topic.
Thanks in advance
73 Roberto PB5X
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I can send you overshoot release document information, but you need, if your transceiver is in the serial number list from YAESU information, like Sylvain send it up, and if you don't make the last update, make the specific update with overshoot release.

Best 73

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