Re: FTDX101MP overshoot

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Yaesu issued a doc June 18, 2019 with the list of FTDX-101Ds affected by overshoots in issue (attached doc).

If your 101D dates from the first production series, you will of course have to install the update on the FW side.
You will also need to make the modification on the HW side. Yaesu (if under warranty) or a good tech can make this modification easily (it only has a small SMD resistor to replace).
I made the modification myself on my 101d, it takes me less than 30mn!

If your device is under warranty, your best bet is to contact Yaesu.

Nb. Essential modification if you use LDMOS SSPA for example ...
LDMOS do not support overshoots ...

73s Sylvain F6CIS

Le lundi 1 mars 2021 à 08:23:43 UTC+1, Rasika Liyanage via <vk2qv@...> a écrit :

Rejean, I have 101D with FW MAIN VO1-14. But i still have the overshoot problem on all HF bands. May i know when and under what FW it has been fixed please?


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