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Hi Rob,

You are correct as this is the info what I received at the Yaesu stand at F'hafen as well.

73 Roberto "Bob" PB5X 

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Van: Rob Sherwood <rob@...>
Datum: 03-07-19 16:51 (GMT+01:00)
Onderwerp: Re: [FTDX101D] Filter

The pictures don’t look like surface mount, but I was told by DX Engineering they are soldered in rather than plugged into a socket like in some Icom or Kenwood rigs. Installing the 270-Hz filter in a TS-890S took 10 minutes, 90% of which was removing and reinstalling case screws.

I was also told that there was some alignment involved, which seems odd. I don’t believe I have ever had to align a radio from the big three in Japan after installing a filter. On a K3 with the non-Inrad produced filter, a menu is used to compensate for center frequency offset and insertion loss. 

In any case, if the owner wants all four optional filters and the sub receiver tracking preselected install, it would cost over $1500, plus shipping to and from California. 

Rob, NC0B

On Jul 3, 2019, at 7:35 AM, Roger Hartel <naples08@...> wrote:

Maybe a surface mount part?

On Wed, Jul 3, 2019, 8:57 AM Neil Foster <archernf@...> wrote:
Does anyone know why an optional filter must be installed by Yaesu,  I have searched but find no answer??
Neil   N4FN

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