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Hi Harry,

Yes I did and they daid within 2 months it should be at the dealers.

But do not shoot the messenger if it will take longer than that.

Btw, I decided to wait a bit longer and didn't bought the D version(yet).
Reason is, because the vendors were German here at the FH hamvention and if I want any after service, for example Filter installment I needed to.ship, etc... also the amplitude on the spectrumscope is to nervius and should be fixed with an AVG. possibility. This last remark has been mentioned in a previous post and I am sure that Mr. Mori(Yaesu) will sorted.

73 Roberto PB5X 

Verzonden vanaf mijn Samsung Galaxy-smartphone.

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Hi Roberto,


Have you asked Yaesu regarding the MP version, when it will be available for sale? Last I heard was end of this year, which seems way too long.




Harry K1RSA

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