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Dear Ron,

No I didn't and the reason why is that the 1.2 Khz filter is really working as I have the experience with my 7851.

I understood that you as a customer are responsible to get the filter(s) installed at a Yaesu center or your loc. dealer if this means both way shipping than I guess these costs are yours.

73 Roberto PB5X 

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Hi Roberto,
Did you ask why they picked 1.2 kHz as this seems to be very narrow for an SSB filter. In addition, if you elect to add the 1.2 kHz option does that mean you have to pay shipping both ways in addition to cost of the filter to get it installed?
Good job Roberto.
Ron K2PSD 

On Jun 22, 2019, at 4:52 AM, Roberto <roma-dx@...> wrote:

Dear All,

Yesterday and today I spoke at the Yeasu booth discussing the 101D and even played with the 101MP.

It seems the 101MP also doesn't have the 1.2KHz SSB filters (Main /Sub) as a standard and will the 300Hz filter only be standard at the Main receiver with this MP version. Bit of a piity as I woukd have thought the MP would come fully equipped.

But the other feedback  and even more important I spoke with mr. Mori (One of Yaesu Japan Directors) and explained and showed the Spectrum scope amplitude to being to chuncky. This is also been mentioned before by Rob Sherwood and other 101d owners.

The Waterfall is quit acurate and easy to set in Low and fasters speeds. Unfortunetly this is not possible for the amplitude of the spectrumscope. Mr. Mori as well the MD of Yaesu UK(Mr. Dean Chroome) acknowledge this and all feedback will be discussed and brought back to Yaesu Japan as they both agreed that the amplitude should be more average as ar the moment it is to nervous and coukd for some HAMS being tyring to watch for a long time.

We also discussed the color scheme settings as mine and even Deans opinion this should be changed as seen with ICOM.

So all by all I really have the feeling that Yaesu is listening to real feedback and I am really considering to take a 101D back home as even they have a special deal for the FH Hamvention.

73 Roberto PB5X 

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