Re: Extra Yaesu filter installation

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Hi Rejean,

Sorry not found, please give us the full link where the method and video for installing these roofing filters are explained.

73s Sylvain F6CIS

Le vendredi 25 décembre 2020 à 02:49:14 UTC+1, Rejean Leveille <rejva2am@...> a écrit :

Hi Gabriel,

To just ask Google or else '' how to install 300 hz filter inside yaesu ftdx101''. It will get you back to this forum at the right one.
You can look at the video and you will decide if yes or not you wanted to perform this task. Nothing is difficult of course you will need to solder to the pcb.
Shipping the radio plus the labor will cost you twice the filter cost.

73, Rejean va2am

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