Re: FTDX101 PSK in LSB instead of USB ??


On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 09:48 AM, K7GQ wrote:
PSK31 if not affected by the choice of LSB or USB - either work.
Yes, thanks Harry,
I also wrote this in my reply, but in PSK-LSB the frequency is NOT correct on the transceiver anymore, besides by default I should use USB.

It has the LSB and USB mode while on the FTDX101 I can modify it for the QPSK mode, but it has the default NOR to change in REV, and then the displayed frequency would always be wrong.

Already that 1000hz shift is annoying, which then becomes 2000Hz (+/- 1000Hz) from the correct frequency between USB and LSB.
Well, even I programming soft in PSK, I was unable to correctly understand this interpretation made in PSK-L and of the shift "patch".

Thanks, 73

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