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Imanol Anto�anzas

Just tested 1,2khz filter during the last CQWW, it works really good, the receiver comes very selective and help a lot to avoid the adjacent near signals, the DSP filters used at 2.0khz.
So, for heavy SSB contest in my opinion, helps a lot, but not usefull during light SSB contest or everyday use. 
Just my opinion. 
Regards to all and stay safe. 

El vie., 20 nov. 2020 17:12, H via <> escribió:

I agree it seems odd but with the 1200 roof and dsp at 2700 the received audio is thinner but quite listenable and it appears adjacent interference is reduced. Ideal in the middle of an SSB contest. Just my pennies worth.





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But I may be misunderstanding this. 


If the roofing filter is at 1200. How is having the dsp filters wider then that going to achive much. 


I'll look at your QRZ page. But would absolutly love to hear recording of the audio. 




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Hi all,

I have the 1200Hz filter in my FTdx101D rig. I use it rarely but I have just carried out an experiment. I tuned 2 kHz away from a loud signal and splatter was S9 plus 10 dB (!) with 3 kHz standard roofing filter and digital width at 2700.

I then switched to 1200 Hz roofing filter and digital width tuned up to 2700. Splatter now S7. Went back to previous setting and splatter back to 9 plus.

See my QRZ page for set up.





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Yeah that my guess as well. Id love to hear someone who has the 1200. 


But for ssb it seems utterly useless. 


Some wider then 600 digital modes sticks me as the only possible use for it.  


If I radio etc al released something from 1.8 to 2.3 I'd definitely go for it. 


On Fri, 20 Nov 2020, 15:34 Franco, <hb9oab@...> wrote:

Salut Régis
I really think it's not worth it.


In my personal opinion, if you set the R.FIL to 600Hz or 3000Hz or if you move the 1200Hz to SSB only with WIDTH you can already have a personal confirmation ... (audio and BW)

It could only be used in RTTY or some other digital mode, but also in RTTY if 3k is not good, 600Hz is definitely better.


My opinion is that the price is not worth the little use that can be made of it:
for SSB it would be too tight and you would have to lower the SHIFT considerably to be able to understand the audio.

I would have understood a 1k8Hz for SSB but 1200 seems useless to my use.



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