Re: FTdx101D+Expert 1.5K-FA

Laurie G3UML

Still getting used to my 101D, really enjoying it. Someone a few days ago mentioned having the DNR setting at 10. Wow. Extremely effective, the background noise drops right down and the signal really comes up. Just made an otherwise near impossible contact with an SM running six watts on a very poor 20 metres possible!

Delighted to say all the weird little things that I put down to the antennas seem to have gone away. No strange power reductions, or shut-downs. Makes life much calmer round here!

Regarding the ALC discussions, I should echo N6TV and say 15-20 watts is really ample input. I monitor on an old and trusted Heath SB610 scope, and all the input you require is there with about 15-20 watts and the mic gain in the mid-20’s. Pointless using more.

Next adventure, programming the CW memories!

73 all Laurie G3UML

On 12 Jul 2020, at 12:51, Laurie G3UML via <Lauriemar@...> wrote:

Hi Frank, yes the 200 watts makes sense if you don’t want an amplifier. I was delighted with the performance last night, 80 and 40 very busy in the contest but the receiver really coped well and is a pleasure to use

All the best

Laurie G3UML 

On 12 Jul 2020, at 12:33, Frank Eichel <tmbrjnkr@...> wrote:

Thanks for the reports, Laurie, I have been eyeing the MP model as 200 watts from the IC-751A plus the beam seem to work well for me. i probably won't be able to install a linear in this shack. 

Good propagation into Europe yesterday morning your time, worked several EU stations on SSB with no problem. Hoping for similar conditions again over the next few hours.

73 Frank VE7AWV

On Sat, 11 Jul 2020 at 12:43, Laurie G3UML via <> wrote:
Hi all

So just had a fairly intensive hour in the IARU contest with the new combination. One big ferrite on the linking CAT cable, I will install the Palomar kit when it arrives. 

Having said that it seemed pretty happy across every band 80-6 metres. Had quite a few contacts on 40-20-15-10, just called CQ briefly on the others. 

No unexpected power cutdowns or shutdowns, possibly once or twice it was a bit slow picking up as I tripped the vox, I'm not sure. Was using a monitor scope so had a good look at the signal. Using 15 watts in, mic gain at 22, compression at 40, which sounds good on the monitoring and looks right on the scope. 

My CAT cable from GM6DX carries band data, linear on-off, ALC and relay. All working fine into my 5 different wire antennas.  I don't get that exact frequency readout on the linear, but I'm not bothered about that, all fine when I auto-tuned the linear for each segment.

Pretty pleased so far. Now to learn some of the clever stuff!

73 Laurie G3UML

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