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Hello K4JT, All,

Following explanations given in great detail by K4TJ, concerning the proper functioning of its Noctua NF-F12 industrialPPC 2000 PWM fans on variable DC voltages, this on different TRX FTDX-101 or IC-7300.
The question of non-operation on a limited variable power supply from Agilent or in my FTDX-101D to my Noctua NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 PWM fans will be clarified:
* either at Noctua are there different models with identical or similar references?
* or they sold me two new fans who would be faulty?, I doubt it.
This will be validated as soon as I receive the PWM management interface card to fully test them in their real use according to the datasheet.

I will get back to you as soon as I can validate the reason !

To answer the questions of other OM, the answers concerning the choice of possible replacements of fans on the D or MP have already been described in previous exchanges (slight noise possible, if aging, risk of malfunction at low speed depending on management of the DC but on this point last FW seems solve this problem, etc.).

73s to all
Sylvain F6CIS

Le mardi 9 juin 2020 à 23:48:11 UTC+2, k4tj via <k4tj@...> a écrit :

I cut the leads from the 4 pin connector, cut the blue and green wires short and dressed the black and yellow to the black and red wires on the original 2 pin plug. It is soldered and heat shrink tubing covered. I had done the same with an ordinary NF-F12 PWM fan and it also works fine, varying speed with varying voltage without any PWM signal. The White Paper segment I sent confirms that the Noctua PWM fans run full speed when no PWM signal, rather than not running without a PWM signal. This is also confirmed by the fact that my fan runs without a PWM signal. I have also done the same with a Noctua PWM fan for the Icom 7300 which also uses a 2 pin connector and no PWM signal.

If Sylvain cannot get his fan to run using yellow + and black - on 12v, I can only suggest a faulty fan or possibly the blue wire was contacted by 12v destroying the fan. I do not know if you need to cut the 4 pin connector off so that the fan will run on black and yellow, as I cut mine immediately and installed it.

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