Re: Contour control #PA7RA

Colyn Baillie-Searle

Hi Rejean.
Thank you for your detailed answer but unfortunaely I do not do SSB , RTTY or any other digital modes except CW. I have turned it to the tone of my CW note which I use 700HZ but switching the Contour control in and turning i tot he tone of the signal, the noise is reduced but the signal is also reduced althought I have the contour set to 20 in the menu. I notice no difference having the setting between 1 and 20. When I had a FT3000 the contour control boastd the signal and I found it very useful, With the 101D I find it useless. I will agree I find the APF very good. I hope Yaesu corrects this contour control with the next firmware update.
73's and please stay safe. Colyn GD4EIP

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