Re: CWDecode #PA7RA


   . . . What I regret is that as soon as you start signaling that the received text is deleted. . . .
Some guys would complain if you hang them with a new rope!        ;-)

But seriously folks, what does one do without a screen reader?   While the rig provides near real time confirmation of what we are doing in our heads or mirrors the notes we are writing on paper - but it seems a bad idea to rely on the rig to the take notes.   This is a real concern.   I was taught the best ops translate in their heads or take just a few notes on paper - that is, beyond specific name, rank, serial number,  location, and etc., otherwise just record the gist of what the message whenever possible.   I wonder whether long term reliance on the rig's decoder MIGHT make one dependent on it, which would erode one's basic skill as a CW operator.   I concede the rig's display can clarify or verify what we think we heard, but clearing the screen upon the next transmission should not be a problem, as one is expected to have figured out the message by other means. 

This is a serious comment and I am not trolling for an argument.    I suspect reliance screen the radio's screen reader to confirm the message is the sort of crutch we are told to avoid when learning the Code,  and one could get spoiled and, over time, come to rely on the screen reader to do the heavy lifting, rather than clarify and conform we do on our own.  

Just tossing it out for consideration.     Happy trails.    K8JHR 

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