CWDecode #PA7RA

Rien Aarden

I now have the Yaesu 1010MP at home for 4 weeks and I think it is a great machine.
Similarly, the possibility of decoding CW I think this works well
I take most of it by ear but sometimes I miss something and then it is nicely on the screen!
What I do wonder is that if you do cw with the paddle, it is possible that the text that you sign yourself will also appear on the screen.
What I regret is that as soon as you start signaling that the received text is deleted.
Personally, I prefer it if that text remains
And maybe it's a setting but the entire display blinks every time you go from RX to TX and back to RX
But maybe someone has the solution for this?
These are very minor annoyances hihi
otherwise a great device
And I am lucky that my good friend (Herman) PA9CC has had this set for 6 months and knows a lot about it so that I regularly call him with a lot of questions.
73' Rien PA7RA

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