Re: FTDX3000 vs FTDX101D



I swapped my FTDX5000 and my K3S.
Worthless to say that the 101D have some more features compared to the 3000 - but that you have on hand when you look at the the description of this TRX.

One of the best RX in the world nowadays.
The specs of the RX are better compared to the 3000 due to the SDR concept combined with traditional filtering.
When you look at Rob Sherwood`s page you will notice that it outperforms the 3000 in every single measurement.

You will receive more than with the 3000? Maybe not...only under very hard condx (i.e. contest, dx) you will notice that.
You will receive in a better quality? Yes, after a learning curve when everything is properly adjusted.

The quality of the received and transmitted audio is really great, but if you stick more to CW it is not so important.
TX signal is very clean, but that is something the other OM`s will notice ;o)

For me it was more the question of ergonomics and technology. In my opinion SDR is the future.
Besides that YAESU is able to add more or better features since everything is designed in software.

Only my 6 cents...


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