Re: CW Mode: RF continuous carrier only tho' CW Monitor sounds perfect


Minor success and failure - I clip-leaded from the WinKeyer USB output to stereo plug, plugged into the front CW jack and it works.  I was using converter adapters from Radio Shack before.

However, using the rear CW connecter, the sidetone sounds beautiful but there is continuous carrier output (as original).  This seems like a real issue to me.  BOTH front and rear keyers are turned OFF.  

Again, the computer feeds ASCII data to the WInKeyer USB and the unit itself creates CW.  The output of the WinKeyer is a RCA jack and a cable brings that to a 1/4" mono plug.  There is no N1MM in my shack. 

I shall have to make an adapter and determine the reason for the rear CW jack not working properly.

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