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Art, please, Can you let us know your comparison between your Heil Proset and Beyerdynamic DT880 ?




73, Maximo


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Just back from the Guitar Center….  Like the total comfort of the BeyerDynamic DT880 Pros….  They sound beyond great.

Took my Heil Proset with me for a comparison...

So light and fit AROUND the ear… no ear pressing… semi open cans so you can hear some audio in the shack… nice for when the Fedex guy rings the bell… or the XYL calls…


Just wonderful… sounding… quiet amazing

May go with these…

Thanks All

Art  W1SWL


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The ideal headphone impedance is 32 ohms.   I have used Sony MDR7506's for many years (kind of a standard in my work), they are 62 ohm, but work quite well.


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