Re: Headphone Ohms. - FTdx101MP

Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H

As far as I know, headphone's impedance is not important. 
They only use to split in two; high or low impedance.

Regarding the headphones, my advice is to stay away from "ham headsets" and look for any real "Pro" model, for example;

Any of them will give you full comfort over hours of continuous use, full audio quality, good ambient noise isolation, and full warranty/spare parts service.

If you have the chance, test them at any music shop. Won't be disappointed.  

73, Maximo EA1DDO

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Asunto: [FTDX101D] Headphone Ohms. - FTdx101MP
I am contemplating a new set of headphones for use with my FTdx101MP. (just listening not using a headset microphone).
Looking at the specs of various microphone-less headphones, I see that some are 600 ohms and others are 300 ohms.
My current Heil Pro7's are 600 ohms.

Would there be an issue with connecting a 300 ohm headset to the phones jack on the MP?
I cannot find the output specs of the phones jack in the Yaesu User Manual.

Am I over thinking this with unnecessary concern?


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