Re: Quadra Connection

Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H

ALC is recommended NOT to connect it.
Just PTT and RF are more than enought.

Output power is regulated from radio's output power.

That way is my Acom working for years, and before Acom Drake L7, with no issues at all.

73, Maximo EA1DDO

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I was able to build my own cable and save $75. 2 Connectors and a piece of cable. The Pin outs are in the Manuals of the VL1000 and the FTDX101 –




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From: Barry D. Jacobson
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Don't know the voltages on the Quadra, but older amps can fry newer rigs in some cases without a relay in the PTT line. The ALC voltage ranges may not be compatible either. Need to look at the specs of both units.

Barry Jacobson


On Mon, Mar 14, 2022, 9:46 PM Doug Renwick via <> wrote:

While waiting for my CT-178 cable to show up to connect my FTDX 101D to my Quadra amp, what is the recommended connection between the rig and the amp with/or without band switching control? Would TX-Gnd and EXT ALC from the rig go to PTT1 and ALC1 on the Quadra?




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