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Asunto: Re: [FTDX101D] Rode NT1A Mic into FTDX101D
This golden maxima adaptor is more snake oil than anything else!

John, you have mic processors with mic level output. If you don’t have a mic processor or preamp with mic level output, you can make an attenuator pad of -60dB with 3 resistors and it will work just fine. Then insert the audio into mic socket on your radio!
I also work in pro audio and I have a lot of gear for vocals and for instruments abs drums; I prefer to keep thinks as simple as possible, and because I want a crisp audio for DX and contest, I just use an electret mic connected directly to the radio. I don’t care with high fidelity for transmission audio because we should only use 2,8KHz of bandwidth. 


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No dia 07/02/2022, às 09:35, Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H <ea1ddo@...> escreveu:

Hi John,

First, you need any type of "mic preamp", this will provide the phantom power supply for the mic, and will allow you to do some adjustments to your mic as; mic gain, output. Average mic preamps will have tone knobs too, treble, bass, etc. And more complete ones, calles channel strip, have some dinamics; noise gate, compressor, etc.

From that module you can feed teh audio to your radio, but you will need an adaptor. Audio modules have balanced outputs (XLR connectors) at high level . Your radio's mic input uses unbalanced signal, at mic (low) level.
As an example of this adaptor is Golden Maxima;

The output from this adaptor is ready to ffed your radio.

I need to say that you can add more audio modules between the mic preamp and the adaptor, for example an EQ, efects, dynamics, etc.

All those functions can be done by individual modules, or done by just one digitally box, eg. Behringer XR12;

73, Maximo EA1DDO

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Asunto: [FTDX101D] Rode NT1A Mic into FTDX101D

Before I got back into ham radio, I recorded orchestras and choirs. Now that I've retired that pursuit I've sold all of my nice recording gear, with the sole exception of a Rode NT1A microphone. Can anyone guide me through a process of connecting a mic that requires phantom power, into the Yaesu??




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