Re: Using the Sub RX

Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H

You need to select MAIN and/or SUB in the radio´s menu. You can send MAIN on left channel, and SUB on right channel. Then you need to configure WSJT to use left or right (or MONO) channels input.


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Subject: [FTDX101D] Using the Sub RX


I can't find anything in the book or manual on this so maybe that's how it is:

Running the 101d on MAIN with WSJT-X and it works fine both TX and RX. Switching to SUB only there's no audio showing on WSJT or any other PC interface prog. I've played with the setting, but still nothing. The SUB RX works on all bands and all modes just as well as the MAIN, just no audio showing on the PC.

My question how do you get the 101 to work on digi modes from the SUB?


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