Re: 10 & 12m SSB Tx bandwidth on 50k waterfall scope

Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H

You need to pay attention to the bandwidth on screen during Tx, because it is different than Rx.

I meant, you can keep 50K on Rx, but during Tx it will change to something else.


I use to keep waterfall on FIX mode. Tx waterfall bandwidth in FIX mode will be the CURSOR or CENTER bandwidth.


73, Maximo


From: [] On Behalf Of Chris - WN2X via
Sent: martes, 28 de diciembre de 2021 0:09
Subject: [FTDX101D] 10 & 12m SSB Tx bandwidth on 50k waterfall scope


Good evening,
There was an unusual visit by me to 10m today during a brief opening.
While transmitting CQ on ~28.3 MHz, I noticed while using the waterfall scope
with a 50k width, my signal appeared to modulate to ~20 kHz wide.  It looked like
AM.  Is this something to do with the waterfall?  I hope I am misinterpreting what
I am seeing.  I repeated the same observation with a dummy load again at ~35W.
Can anyone comment on this observation?

Thanks & 73

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