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I’m using SDR Console v3 with OmniRig on my FTDX-101D to allow me point and click freq changes, mouse scroll and the much nicer spectrum/waterfall/pana display from my SDRC V3 / Hermes Lite 2 - fed from the RX out port on the FTDX-101D.

I’m using the Hermes Lite 2 as the SDR ears, as I had been using it as an additional RX – but any SDR box should add the same functionality.



I start the PC

Start OmniRig with the FTDX-101D profile

Start SDR Consolve V3

Start the Main Profile I call FTDX-101D

Select/Start the HL2 at 384khz

Click the Start button for the External Radio. (this sync the 2 radios)

Takes all of 3 seconds to do this….


There are some features that of course do not work, or are not in sync, but for the awesome UI that SDRCv3 has – it’s a great place to start!


I went with the SDR CV3 / HL2 pairing as I could not find any good work on my 2 questions below regarding IF choices and benefits

  1. Not sure if the IF is a better place to grab this from, or if there is more functionality going a different route – please let me know!!
  2. Not sure if there is a better way to get to the spectrum or IQ data in the FTDX-101D directly, that would be awesome if it added more features like bandwidth control….


Interesting –

I find the 101D and HL2 to be very close and consistent in initial setup from a db / s-signal perspective with out changing the rx gain in the HL2 to match the 101D.

Fun bouncing between the 101D and the SDRCv3/PC to hear audio quality, yes there is a little bit of delay, but I usually listen to one or the other.

Very easy to unconnect the 2, and run as an aux receiver. Less than a minute of clicks of the mouse.

I will say the HL2 is as sensitive, has great ability to custom set the bandwidth – but still feel that the 101D is the better RX in really tough conditions, this should not be an HL2 vs 101D debate – as it isn’t ment to be or expected. Both have their own design benefits.

SDR Console V3 – is just awesome in its own right…….so is Simon’s Map – if you haven’t seen it yet.


There are plenty of great GUI’s and SDR RX’s that are out there – great part of the hobby is choice, hence why the VFO knob is the most prominent control on any radio – or for these – your mouse!



Tom, K2TC



From: <> On Behalf Of Tom K2GO
Sent: Monday, December 6, 2021 12:07 PM
Subject: [FTDX101D] RSPdx and 101D


Have  SDRplay RSPdx to connect to RX OUT (Main) on back of "D".

What experience does one have that can recommend which software works best?

The SDRplay or HDSDR, both using Omni-rig for control of 101D?

Any advice, tips appreciated.

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