Re: Lack of bass in audio?

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Yes, that is true.

It is a known issue, already reported to Yaesu.

Hopefully, Yaesu will fix it at some point, with a new firmware.


You can check next video out:


73, Maximo EA1DDO



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Sent: miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2021 13:50
Subject: [FTDX101D] Lack of bass in audio?



I've recently purchased a new FTdx101D and I notice, comparing to my previous rigs, that the 101 sound as if lacks of some bass frequencies.
When I watch to the filter screen, and when I move the PBF to the left (at max) I can see that there is not any frequency signal (being a vertical cut, and nothing on the left), as it low frequencies, bass audio, are cut.
Instead, on the right, you can observe some frequencies, that reduce slowly.
It seems that the roofing filter cuts low frequencies too much.

Any idea? Very much appreciated.

Do you experience the same? 

Many thanks.

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