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Maximo EA1DDO - M0HAO - HK1H

Forgot to say, there are more than one "Diversity".
It could be; spatial diversity, frequency diversity, polarization diversity, phase diversity, etc.

73, Maximo

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Diversity is that; 2 receivers with two different antennas, and a commuting process to select the one offering best receotion.
That is Diversity. It is in use for years on VHF repeaters, for example.

Anan is able to do "Phasing Reception", which is different (and better) than Diversity. Phasing two different signals, and letting you to change the phase angle, etc.

73, Maximo EA1DDO

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This is not Diversity reception
Only RX with 2 receiver + 2 speaker.
If you have Diversity reception receiver you will see new world
Like Anan Transceiver have real Diversity reception RX.

Yes I do own FTDX 101D with out clock  :þ



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I’m no longer a hardcore DXer or contest nut but have found two receivers very entertaining during my casual CW ragchews.

I use the ‘separate’ setting on my headphones and then sync Main and Sub receivers. I get a kick out of listening to my mag loop in my right ear and my inv vee in my left. Fun to listen to the signal shift back forth between antennas, going from one ear to the other.

On the loop I use ATT off and IPO on Amp 1. On the inv vee I set ATT to 6 dB and IPO to IPO. For me, this levels the playing field between the two signal strengths making it easier to hear interesting propagation shifts between the two antennas.

Lots of fun to be had with the FTdx101D/MP!

John K7FD

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