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Congratulations on purchasing of a Yaesu transceivers, lets clear up a couple of points re programming the radio. The SCU- 18/19 cable is used for programming of the memories in the FT1 and serves no other function for that radio. The SCU-39 is a cable kit which comprizes of a SC-19 Cable; 2 analogue cables, one grey one black and a SC-44 interface. The two cables and the interface are used for receiving and transmitting analogue on FT2d, FT3 and FT5.  You can program your memories via a SD card or the SCU-18/19; USB-68 Cable and RT Software. You can not update the firmware using the USB-68 cable.

            The Cable you require to update your firmware is a Micro Minnie USB cable purchased from any Computer/ electronics outlet. The programming slot on the side of the radio is designed to take both the SCU-18/19 cable and the Micro minie USB cable. You can download the FT1D Manaual from Yaesu Website; should show the different cables.

            I have attached a image of both cables.

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For upgrading your FT-1DR's firmware, the below mention of using a standard micro USB cable is *NOT* correct.  Yaesu uses a proprietary connector on these radios and you MUST use a real SCU-18 or 19 cable.  Please read the 
FT1DR_DE_Main_Firmware_Ver_Up_Manual_ENG_1710-D.pdf file that's within the file posted at

Please note:  you need to follow ever little step from the Yaesu documentation to properly install the firmware upload software as well as all little steps to get the upgrade process to work.   It should also be noted that your Windows installation might try to disable the installed Prolific USB to Serial drivers so might need to confirm that's NOT happening via confirming in the Windows Device Manager tool.