FCC Rule For Amplifier Power Ratings Up For Review #file-notice


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The FTC is reviewing whether or not to keep the current power rating rule for amplifiers in place. If you believe the current standard is acceptable, please review the following. If you feel the FTC should adapt a different power rating rule there is a comments section on the link below that will accept up to 5,000 characters with a provision for downloading an attachment.


This is the rule that requires advertising claims for amplifier power to state the number of watts per channel a given power amplifier can generate with two channels simultaneously driven for all frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz at a specified power level into a specified impedance and a specified distortion level.


Your comments will be posted by the FTC in a public comments section that will appear with this rule.


Suggested Public Comment to the FTC


Visit the FTC’s "Trade Regulation Rule..." page (linked again below) then access public comments page (shown above) by clicking "Comment Now!" button in the upper-right of the page. Feel free copy and paste the following comment and let regulators know that consumers would benefit from the following refinement in the amplifier rule. 


“I wish the FTC to save and enforce the current Amplifier Rule. It helps consumers make informed choices between different amplifiers when consumers are shopping for amplifiers.


Click here to leave your comment by February 16th, 2021Trade Regulation Rule Relating to Power Output Claims for Amplifiers Utilized in Home Entertainment Products