Re: shortwave antenna

Herb Ward


The ARRL  ( American Radio Relay League ) prints all sorts of guides for shortwave antenna construction. If you wish ,there are several companies offering antenna kits and or ready to hang antennas. I use a Vibrolux end fed random length SWL antenna with a 9/1 balun at one end. It works really well with my Play SDR  radio. BTW the Play SDR radio and included software makes for an interesting and different way to receive broadcast AM and FM stereo. The real time variable IF bandwidth, RF gains, noise filters and noise blanker allow for just about any reception situation. 


On Mon, May 16, 2022, 3:26 PM gaoa <mdzturistica@...> wrote:
I ask from ignorance how to make a homemade antenna to tune in shortwave stations?  Please if someone knows how to do it and the necessary materials.  I have a good tuner and a high, wide ceiling with no nearby buildings.  Thank you very much

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