Re: Well Received (Pun Intended) FM Tuner Alignment/Upgrade Techs.

Herb Ward

Beware of the snake oil salesman… Having said that, and having done some tuners for Ed Hanlon, as well as servicing many Tandberg 3000 series, top quality alignments combined with adding improved components where it makes a significant difference is what you want. But the IEC AC mains jacks with several hundred dollar power cords … well can I sell you a bridge ? 


On Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 12:34 PM <dogsofdow1@...> wrote:
Thank you Craig. I will reach out to him. As far as you know, does he go the extra mile that Chow seems to go? This part of Chow's upgrade really caught my eye. "Replace and upgrade the wire from the IEC to the Power supply PC Board with low noise, high Q wire. This will result in lower losses and better signal transfer across the entire bandwidth." I doubt that many go that extra mile. I searched long and hard to acquire the TU-X1. I only want to do this once. 

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