Re: Accuphase T-100

Herb Ward


The oxidized lubricant in the shaft bushings is the culprit. Get yourself some Kroil and apply to the shaft bushings. A little heat may help as well. This was my typical treatment for frozen potentiometers and of course all the frozen Teac pinch roller arm pivot bushings. 


On Tue, Jan 11, 2022, 10:06 PM tune in <atpotter@...> wrote:
Picked this up today, it is in excellent cosmetic condition, and the alignment seemed good, despite sitting for the past 5 years according to the seller. Opened it up and looks like new, no oxidation or corrosion visible anywhere. 

Here's the issue (reference the photo),  the fm muting, multiplex filter, and dial light switches were completely seized up.  They were only movable with an inordinate amount of force, so much force I was afraid something would break. I've been hosing them with Deoxit from the inside and they're starting to move but still require way more effort than they should. Is there a limit to how much contact cleaner should be used?
Spray,  let it soak, work the switches,  let it sit and then repeat.   Anything else?

And happy New Year!

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