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hi lucaa!  and welcome to this fine forum!

this is a fine place to advertise something like this.  per the forum's home page:
"For Sale or Wanted posts are allowed, but is restricted to one post, per member, per month. Please use FS at beginning of subject line."
(it's my understanding that you could list more than one tuna in your one post; someone correct me if i'm wrong?)

and i, personally, am always happy to hear about relatively unknown rarities that are stellar performers.  so, i did some investigating.

in this case, while the kucke does seem to be a fine tuna, in the review you cited, the kucke was actually the loser when compared to the revox b760, not the winner.  tho it was noted to be quite close, so that one might not mind the slight performance deficit, considering it was quite a bit less expensive.

and, it sounds good that the battery was recently replaced, as it seems to have a little quirk about it. from another website:
"If this tuner is not connected to the mains for a long time, it does not just start to forget the stored stations. This dementia can spread to the entire functionality. It is not possible for normal users to reactivate them. The only way to do this is to go to the workshop."

(also worth noting, according to the linked article - the kucke t22 is the same tuna as the asc3100, another rarity.  and it was superseded by a slightly superior model, the asc at2, which must be really scarce, as there's little info about it at all...)

doug s.
(I hope i haven't offended anyone's sense of etiquette by posting factual info...)

On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 09:00 AM, Lucaa d.N. wrote:

'm sorry if tis is not the right place to... But for tuner's lovers... 
-> One of the best TUNER FM/AM (very musical!) ever built, despite it being 
almost unknown. MADE IN GERMANY.
In this test .. vs the very famous REVOX B-760 the Kucke was the winner!

Recently serviced, internal battery is replaced!
2700DM in 1981 (Today € 5500 / 6000 USD/ 4500 UKP)
I just ask 350 euro + shipping.

email for pict: znorter@...

Cechk here (in German) the review:

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