Re: Sansui TU-9900 Resistors upgrade

Nounours Nounours <nounours18200@...>

I have  made a lot of work on the TU-9900, look at my restoration work here: and use the bottom right "Translate" button to get it in English.

I have changed all the resistors in the Power Supply: I had used the TAKMAN Metal resistors and made all the other upgrades recommended by FMTunerinfo on this P.S. board.

The resistors on the FM board F-2524 have also been replaced by TAKMAN Metal resistors, known to be excellent.

My question relates more on the SQ difference between Carbon resistors and Metal Film resistors: what kind to you prefer in the P.S. locations and in the Signal locations ?

@John Carpanini:
I see on your photos that you have also changed the TA7136P operational amps: this is an upgrade that I still have to do. I already have designed and received the PCB adaptors , exactly the same than yours with a place for a capacitor (47µF probably).
Have you used the OPA604 or another Opamp ? and more important are there any surrouding parts that need to be replaced in order to use perform this opamp upgrade  ?

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